What is Realmoji

There is hardly few of us who doesn't use emojis or so-called emoticons on daily basis in our communication. We choose from the set of emojis already preinstalled within application, or in some messengers you can also buy more sets of new emoji's or stickers.

Can you imagine that now with Realmoji Builder in SKG Messenger you can create your own emojis from the real photos? Either you choose them from your gallery, or you can capture them while making realmoji. All of this works with just a few clicks where you take the photo directly in the SKG messenger, after that you crop it with your finger, pick the right size and bring it to life by adding certain properties. You can add to realmoji color frame, choose the size or filter or you can make your realmoji jump, turn around or just appear for the second and no more. You can also record an audio track - voice or sound and add it to the realmoji. Add more features by purchasing one of our license, to learn more about how it works go to SKG Messenger page.

Your realmoji belongs just to you and nobody else can share them, unless they buy them. Even the person who you have sent realmoji to have just right to see it.

You can create and save sets of your realmojis and anytime during your conversation on our SKG Messenger you can add them to the text by choosing them from sets or by typing the short of the realmojis which you have added while creating it.

Realmoji Builder is built-in feature free of charge with downloading SKG Messenger. To add some additional characteristics to your realmojis like advanced animations or sound you need to reach certain level. Please see our SKG Messenger page to learn more about how to level up.

Realmoji shop, sell your creations to other users

Do you think your set of realmojis is so funny or interesting that few of the other users would like to buy it ?

Then we have a right feature for you. From the level 20 in SKG Messenger you can start selling your own creations by uploading sets of your custom realmojis to Public list in realmoji, where other users can vote for them by hitting the like button. Every week 3 sets of realmojis with the highest number of likes will be included in Realmoji Shop for 1 month. The price for these sets will be set to 1,99EUR+1,99EUR. Users, who find your sets of realmojis interesting or amusing can buy them there.

Don't forget that the main purpose of SKG Messenger and SKUNKAGA is to help to save nature. That is why first part of the price ( 1,99 EUR) will be allocated to raise funds for environmental purposes. Second part of the price goes to you, creator. To learn more about us and our purpose go to SKUNKAGA home page.

With just a little bit of creativity and effort, you can start earning money by creating realmojis.

To start selling your own sets you need to reach level 20 in the SKG Messenger. To unlock 4th level and more you need to purchase one of our license - CLASSIC or PREMIUM. Go to SKG Messenger page to learn more about how it works.

How to create Realmoji

Comentarios de los usuarios

Aplicación única con posibilidades ilimitadas ... muy útil, divertida, segura y, además de todo, contribuye a salvar la naturaleza.
Michaela Tavalyová
Michaela Tavalyová
projekt manager Slovnaft
Mi enfoque está en la moda internacional. Gracias a SKG Messenger puedo chatear con modelos en su lengua materna. Esto hace que nuestra comunicación sea más rápida y fácil de entender
Miroslav Šimonič
Miroslav Šimonič
SKG Messenger ayuda a poner mi creatividad en un nivel más alto ... Ahora puedo expresar mis emociones creando mis propios RealMojis y así divertirme con mis amigos como nunca antes..
Robo Papp
Robo Papp

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