Time Message - first real message timer

Use SKG Time Message and prepare now the messages which will be received in future. By using this feature, you will be given a great spectrum of utilization either in private life or business sphere. You will not forget to send a birthday wish or business meeting reminder message anymore.

Before typing message in SKG Messenger click on the Message function icon on the side of the textbox, choose the Time Message function and set a day and time when you would like your message to be received. Press send, and in line below the message, you can see the date when message will be sent. This message will not be sent neither received before this exact date and hour.

And what if you change your mind? No problem, you can delete message any time before the set date.

For example:
Let´s take birthday as an example. Many times, you think of writing someone on his birthday, but that person has the birthday in a couple of day or weeks. You want to make sure that you won't forget, so you write it immediately and set the message to be sent on the day when the time is right. It perfectly works as a reminder as well.

Next example:
You agree with your husband that he will pick up the kids at school the next day at 2 p.m. He asks you to remind him of it an hour before that time. Thanks to the Time message you don't have to think about it all day, you can do it immediately. Just set the particular day and time and you can simply stop thinking about it. Your hubby will receive the reminder exactly when he wants it, without you being worried.

There are plenty of apps which are offering the option of scheduling messages by installing additive app to your messenger. SKG Messenger is the only messenger, which includes built-in message timer within application.

To unlock Time Message features you need to reach 2nd level in SKG Messenger. Go to SKG Messenger page to learn more about how it works.

Don't worry about the right time anymore, use SKG Time Message and forget about remembering plenty of things.

How to use Time Message

User's Feedback

Unique app with unlimited possibilities...very useful, funny, safe and on top of everything contributes to save the nature.
Michaela Tavalyová
Michaela Tavalyová
projekt manager Slovnaft
My focus is in international fashion. Thanks to SKG Messenger I can chat with models in their native language. This makes our communication faster and easy to understand.
Miroslav Šimonič
Miroslav Šimonič
SKG messenger helps put my creativity on higher level...Now I can express my emotions by creating my own RealMojis and this way have fun with my friends as never before.
Robo Papp
Robo Papp

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