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Imagine being on the business trip on your own in foreign country. In night time you feel like to go out and you to get to know some new people, but you are not really a kind of person who talks to the strangers in the bar. This is the time when the SKG Party Chat is very handy. All you need to do is in your SKG chat create new party chat, set radius, set a name of the party chat and write first message. Let's see how many people around you are willing to meet new friend for a drink.

Going back to our example let's say that you would set as a party chat name the real name of the bar "Name of the bar party chat" and that you would write something like: "Hey, do you also think that the beer in this bar is awesome? Anybody interested in having one more?". Everybody whose location is within the set radius around you, and have party chat feature on, will receive this message and decide whether he/she want to join you and start to chat online or not.

It can easily happen that from now own every time you come to some place you immediately receive the information about party chats which have been created already.

All is up to you, either join some party chat or create your own… the whole communication will be only with people in the area near you.

Now you can find new friends everywhere and thanks to our SKG Translator you don't need to even speak their language, you can easily set a language in which you would like to receive all messages in any party chat, even the ones not created by you.

To unlock party chat feature you need to reach 8th level in SKG Messenger. To unlock 4th level and more purchasing of one of our licenses is needed. Go to SKG Messenger page to learn more about how it works.

How to use Party Chat

User's Feedback

Unique app with unlimited possibilities...very useful, funny, safe and on top of everything contributes to save the nature.
Michaela Tavalyová
Michaela Tavalyová
projekt manager Slovnaft
My focus is in international fashion. Thanks to SKG Messenger I can chat with models in their native language. This makes our communication faster and easy to understand.
Miroslav Šimonič
Miroslav Šimonič
SKG messenger helps put my creativity on higher level...Now I can express my emotions by creating my own RealMojis and this way have fun with my friends as never before.
Robo Papp
Robo Papp

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