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Imagine being on the road trip and suddenly your car won't start engine. You realized that probably is just because last night you had forgotten to turn off the car lights. You don't want to call to your insurance company and pay a horrible money just for starting your car with starting fuses. All you need is someone who could help by parking from the side of your car and start the engine of his car.

This is exactly the time when you can use SKG Help Finder. Go to your chat, create new Help Finder, set a name based on what kind of help do you need and set radius where you want to look for help. Everybody around you who has Help Finder feature on will receive the notification that new Help Finder was created and that somebody needs help. This is very handy when you need to ask for the directions or want to know the phone number of a local police.

The Help Finder also includes the Translator, so there is no need to worry, if help comes in different language.

SKG Help Finder is strictly dedicated to the help of the users that will send out an emergency signal not for the ones who are seeking company and want to chat. For this purpose, please use SKG Party Chat.

To unlock Help Finder feature you need to reach 1st level in SKG Messenger. Go to SKG Messenger page to learn more about how it works.

Help people in need and get a SKG Help Finder, you never know when it will be you, who will need a help from others.

How to use Help Finder

User's Feedback

Unique app with unlimited possibilities...very useful, funny, safe and on top of everything contributes to save the nature.
Michaela Tavalyová
Michaela Tavalyová
projekt manager Slovnaft
My focus is in international fashion. Thanks to SKG Messenger I can chat with models in their native language. This makes our communication faster and easy to understand.
Miroslav Šimonič
Miroslav Šimonič
SKG messenger helps put my creativity on higher level...Now I can express my emotions by creating my own RealMojis and this way have fun with my friends as never before.
Robo Papp
Robo Papp

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