What is SKG Messenger

SKUNKAGA Messenger is a unique messaging tool, which gives the users almost unlimited possibilities for chatting, getting to know new people, sharing emotions, learning languages and is also very useful in business area for communication and planning. All of this in high security messages as data transfer and the whole communication is encrypted by using asymmetric cryptography. It makes a standard chatting funnier, more secure and have additional features which none of the communication platform ever have had before. It creates a competitive chatting environment, which is growing with a user level up to new features. SKG Messenger includes, realmoji builder from photos, time messaging, real-in-time translator, party chat , help finder, "lottery" and many more attractive features, but what is the most important is that 50% of revenue goes to SKUNKAGA Nature Foundation. To learn more please visit SKUNKAGA home page.

SKG Messenger features

Skill Tree

In application, a reward system is implemented in the form of levelling based on RPG system (role playing game system). Thanks to this, user has the ability to grow, level his/her profile up and open up new functionalities. By reaching a higher level user earn points which are implemented as upgrades in SKG Skill Tree.

Basically, you create realmoji, earn experience points, level- up and receive 1 level point that will be added to your Skill Tree.

Availability of functionalities will be limited by the level of the user, it means that to unlock features and start using them you need to assign to them certain points and it is up to you how the points (upgrades) will be assigned.

How many experience points can you get for one realmoji?
Experience points
+ Border +2
+ Filter +2
+ Animation +3
+ Sound +5
MAX 24
How many points do you need to level up?
Level Number of experience points
1 30
2 90
3 210
4 350
5 530
6 730
7 950
8 1190
9 1440
10 1710
11 1990
12 2300
13 2630
14 2990
15 3390
16 3810
17 4260
18 4760
19 5280
20 5880
21 6510
22 7190
23 7890
24 8630
25 9430
26 10330
27 11280
28 12280
29 13380
30 15380
Levels needed to unlock features
1 Help finder icon Help Finder Find help by creating group chat in certain radius
2 Time message icon Time message Message timer
4 Translator icon Translator Online language translator within application
8 Party chat icon Party chat Create group chat within the certain radius and meet new friends everywhere
10 Lottery icon Lottery Be the one of the lucky ones and win money
3 Basic color icon Filter - Sepia Apply sepia filter to your Realmoji
5 Basic color icon Filter - B&W Apply black & white  filter to your Realmoji
7 Basic color icon Filter - Posterize Apply posterize effect to your Realmoji
9 Basic color icon Filter - Invert Apply invert effect to your Realmoji
10 Basic color icon Filter - Saturation Increase saturation of the Realmoji photo
1 Basic color icon Border - Basic colour Choose the border color for your realmoji from basic colors
7 Basic color icon Border - Thickness Set a thickness of the border
5 Basic color icon Animation - Blink Add blinking effect to your Realmoji
8 Basic color icon Animation - Zoom Add zoom in zoom out effect of Realmoji
10 Basic color icon Animation - Timeout Realmoji appears just for one second when received
15 Basic color icon Animation - Jump Add up & down jump effect to Realmoji
19 Basic color icon Animation - Turn Make Realmoji turn around
5 Basic color icon Sound Record audio track to your Realmoji
20 Basic color icon Realmoji shop Unlocks the oportunity to sell your own sets of Realmojis

For example, if you are in 4th level you can unlock Help Finder (1 point) + Time Message( 2 points) + basic colour border function for your Realmoji Builder (1 point) or you can choose to unlock Translator (4 points).

If you change your mind after 3 days, you can always reset the assigned levels and start using another fantastic SKG Messenger features.

When you install SKG Messenger it comes with one feature unlocked- Realmoji Builder. By creating more realmojis you earn experience points and levels. You can get up to 3th level without purchasing any licence. To get to 4th level you need to purchase one of our Licences

Classic Licence

This licence allows you to level up by creating Realmojis. Classic Licence doesn't unlock any of the features automatically, but it gives you an opportunity to level up with your own creativity. With this licence you can level up to 20th level. You can purchase Classic SKG Messenger licence directly from the SKG Messenger application just for 3,99 EUR+ 3,99 EUR.

Premium Licence

If you are interested in unlocking all the features at once this is the licence for you. Once you purchase it , you can use all the features , however if you want to start selling your realmoji sets you need to level up to level 20. This feature doesn't unlock automatically with any licence. Premium licence cost is 4,99 EUR + 4,99 EUR and you can also download it directly through your SKG Messenger app.

Don't forget that the main purpose of SKG Messenger and SKUNKAGA is to help to save nature. That is why half of the benefits from SKG Messenger will be allocated to raise funds for environmental purposes. To learn more about us and our purpose go to SKUNKAGA home page.

How to use SKG messenger?

SKG messenger

User's Feedback

Unique app with unlimited possibilities...very useful, funny, safe and on top of everything contributes to save the nature.
Michaela Tavalyová
Michaela Tavalyová
projekt manager Slovnaft
My focus is in international fashion. Thanks to SKG Messenger I can chat with models in their native language. This makes our communication faster and easy to understand.
Miroslav Šimonič
Miroslav Šimonič
SKG messenger helps put my creativity on higher level...Now I can express my emotions by creating my own RealMojis and this way have fun with my friends as never before.
Robo Papp
Robo Papp

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