SKUNKAGA is an independent organization, which uses benefits of its products and services to solve essential environmental and social problems of Earth. Our purpose is to be the first option for our clients seeking the best technological solution for their everyday private and business life.


To make people cooperate in environmental and social projects together as habitants of one planet which are trying to save future for their children in this Earth with all its nature diversity.

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SKUNKAGA is a global organization established in 2017, which covers various products and services. Common thing of all of them is that a part of their profits is transparently allocated to projects related to nature conservation or to help to people in need through SKUNKAGA foundation.

The first product of SKUNKAGA is SKG Messenger, online messenger which includes various features not seen in other applications, among many of them Realmoji Buider , Online built in language translator or message timer, to learn more click on SKG Messenger. 50 % of SKG Messenger profits will be transferred to SKUNKAGA Foundation and all financial resources and their final targets will be transparently published on this website. You can follow up our projects on SKUNKAGA foundation page.

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